Beachcomber Mark II (October 1962)

Image by David Moore for Lend Lease Living room of Mark II display home

This version built on the success of Mark 1. It was first built in October 1962 in Carlingford.

Features of Mark II

  • aluminium-framed windows
  • combined bathroom and toilet, to add to dining area space
  • double front doors
  • enclosed kitchen with sliding door
  • horizontal Permalum (aluminium) cladding
  • lamps on sundeck on side panels as well as above entry stairs
  • panelled bathroom (waterproofed masonite)
  • single door from main bedroom to sundeck
  • single linen cupboard backed onto kitchen, next to bathroom
  • square steel posts
  • ten oregon roof beams

“House construction at the time was generally very conservative in the use of building materials, despite the adoption of modern materials in commercial projects, i.e. aluminium, steel, glass and concrete. Because we were ordering materials for several homes at a time, we could supply new materials such as aluminium framed windows and permalum cladding, for the same price as timber. The ability to source these new materials inexpensively allowed us to be more innovative in our design.” (Nino Sydney, 2011)