Humble Holiday Home

To celebrate the summer of 2017, Stephen Lacey wrote a great overview of the Beachcomber story.

In his article, published in Domain, Stephen says: You might not recognise the name, but there’s little doubt you’ll recognise the house. The Beachcomber, designed in 1961 by modernist architect Nino Sydney, can be found up and down the entire eastern seaboard of Australia, along with numerous inferior copies.

The Beachcomber was a flat-roof pavilion raised on slim steel columns; a Villa Savoye for the middle class. Its elevated design meant it could be easily adapted to sloping bush blocks, as well as accommodate a laundry and carport beneath. The Lend Lease advertising brochure touted the Beachcomber as “An architectural triumph! Cantilevered, wide and sunny … a home designed to stay young for a lifetime!”

Well any home that can do that is well worth a second look, whether you’re on holidays or not…