Spot the Beachcomber

Image courtesy Lend Lease Promotion of the Carlingford Homes Fair May 1962

This is a kind of party game, with some wishful thinking thrown in. At its heart, it reflects that most people with a taste for affordable 60s Bauhaus would prefer a Beachcomber. Perfectly understandable. 

But a rectangular home on stilts does not a Beachcomber make, even if you can step out straight out the door and onto some sand. To learn more about how to tell what is, and isn’t a Nino-Sydney-designed Beachcomber, check out The House Factory pages, or this post on look-alike Kissing Cousins.

Or if you’re in the mood for a game, simply relax on your sundeck with a cool drink, and play ‘Spot the Beachcomber’ here: Beachcomber back in style