Searching for Nino


Mark II, constructed late 1962


This house/land package was purchased through Lend lease promotion and locally built by Russian immigrant, Mr Dimitriof. Was used as a family home until 2008. As the second owners it was purchased in its original condition in 2008.


Exterior: Right hand underside conversion of carport done in the 1970s to make an extra lower bedroom. Interior: Kitchen and bathroom original. Deck currently needs renewal. Since 2008 internal beams replaced like for like. The walls and floors also repaired and repainted in 2009. All existing windows and cupboards remained intact including lower laundry setting. Town sewer connected and old septic removed, a new power pole set in, and gas connected at that time.

The Beachcomber Experience:

“With the exception of the downstairs area alteration, the building remains as it was first built. Over the past three years we have found it’s a joy to live in as the home was oriented north and was placed facing a dramatic cliff-view over the Blue Mountains. It’s warm in winter and cool in summer and a delight to have guests stay. Congrats Nino Sydney we are big fans. Finding the architect took us awhile but it was worth it as we are now in close contact and he remains a wonderful helpful and engaged architect. Perfect for MCM fans, refer to Australian Modern magazine Issue No.1 for more info on this property and other beachcombers et al.”

Billy and Sarah
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