Big box on steel legs

Image courtesy of Nino Sydney

A great overview of the Beachcomber story in the Sydney Morning Herald (October 2012).

Nino talks Beachcomber

A talk about the history of the Beachcomber as part of Sydney Architecture Festival 2012.

Carlingford Coach Tour

50th Anniversary of the Carlingford Display Homes Coach Tour with Stephen Batey

Inaugural Beachcomber BBQ

On Anzac Day 2012 the first annual Beachcomber BBQ kicked off at Billy and Sarah’s Mark II in the Blue Mountains.

Beachcomber’s 50th birthday

Beachcomber fans celebrating the Beachcomber’s 50th birthday with architect Nino Sydney (second from right). Ilse (fourth from right), possibly holds the record for longest Beachcomber resident, having built hers in 1964, and lived in it for 47 years.

Kitchen conundrums

A well used 1960’s kitchen needed a bit of help for a 1990’s young family. And as with the later versions of the Beachcomber, the kitchen benefited from being opened up to the living room, and the view.

Searching for Nino

A Beachcomber Mark II constructed on a dramatic cliffside site in the Blue Mountains. The home has withstood several bushfires and its original charm is very much appreciated by its new owners.