Children of the Beachcomber

Image courtesy Ruby Matthews and Powerhouse Museum

In this article in Houzz, Briony Darcy explores the legacy of Nino Sydney’s Beachcomber in the design and construction¬†of other platform style homes. Evolution of the 1960s Beachcomber

The Man Who Broke Convention

Here’s a great overview of Nino Sydney’s development of the Beachcomber, as well as an introduction to his fan club.

Swinging Safari

The story of Beachcomber’s concrete cousin. More substantial in places where it mattered, but not as many were built.

Carlingford Homes Tour Rides Again

Back by popular demand – the 2013 Carlingford Homes Fair coach tour on 3 August 2013.

Building Australia

Building Australia is a new six part series exploring the nature of the Australian house over time. The Beachcomber features in episode six, airing on Foxtel’s History Channel on 27 August 2013.

Birth of a Beachcomber

Image courtesy Ruby Matthews & the Powerhouse Museum

Early days in the life of a Beachcomber, Mark II.

Out of the box

T70 Kit Home

Discover the T70 Kit Home. Beachcomber-ish in overall look, with subtle differences including an upstairs laundry!

Kissing cousins

Kind of Beachcombers but not quite. Can you tell the difference?

Mark II deck railing

Free section of timber deck railing for a Mark II.

Houses off the hook

A new book, Designer Suburbs – Architects and Affordable Houses in Australia, explores the development of project homes since 1900.