National Trust Heritage Award

A lovingly maintained Beachcomber II was awarded a National Trust Heritage Award in 2015. The award, for Conservation and Built Heritage, recognised the efforts of Billy Gruner and Sarah Keighery in restoring their original Beachcomber in Sydney’s Blue Mountains.

Streets of Your Town

The aesthetics of our suburbs was explored in the two-part series, Streets of Your Town – From Modernism to McMansionism. Screened on ABC TV in November 2016, it’s a journey around Australia with comedian, broadcaster & architecture enthusiast, Tim Ross. Beachcombers feature (briefly) in both episodes. 

House & Garden 1972

Designed to Keep Costs Down was a series covering ‘What Project Builders Offer You’ in Australian House & Garden in 1972. The first piece featured twelve Lend Lease Homes, and is an excellent overview of the costs of its homes and fittings, as well as the many design options available. Best of all you can snap up a […]

Rescue Mission

An original Mark I Beachcomber in Sydney’s northern suburbs seeks a new home. Its current owners are redeveloping the site in May 2017, and are hoping that their vintage Beachcomber can be rescued and re-used by someone who’s after a 1960s classic.

Spot the Beachcomber

Image courtesy Lend Lease

This is a kind of party game, with some wishful thinking thrown in. At its heart, it reflects that most people with a taste for affordable 60s Bauhaus would prefer a Beachcomber. Perfectly understandable. 

Children of the Beachcomber

Image courtesy Ruby Matthews and Powerhouse Museum

In this article in Houzz, Briony Darcy explores the legacy of Nino Sydney’s Beachcomber in the design and construction of other platform style homes. Evolution of the 1960s Beachcomber

The Man Who Broke Convention

Here’s a great overview of Nino Sydney’s development of the Beachcomber, as well as an introduction to his fan club.

Swinging Safari

The story of Beachcomber’s concrete cousin. More substantial in places where it mattered, but not as many were built.

Carlingford Homes Tour Rides Again

Back by popular demand – the 2013 Carlingford Homes Fair coach tour on 3 August 2013.

Building Australia

Building Australia is a new six part series exploring the nature of the Australian house over time. The Beachcomber features in episode six, airing on Foxtel’s History Channel on 27 August 2013.